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Tynor Compression Stockings Below Knee Classic


  • Facilitates relief in venous disease including blood pools or congests in legs
  • Provides therapeutic warmth
  • Promotes quick healing
  • Anatomical shape provides upward-graded compression for effective blood evacuation.
  • Closed heel and open toe ensure comfort at heel and reduce wear & tear.
  • Easy to use, washable, long functional life, Color fastness.
  • Available sizes: S (9.8″-11.3″), M (11.3″-12.8″), L (12.8″-14.3″), XL (14.3″-15.8″)
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Tynor Compression Stockings Below Knee Classic

Tynor Below-Knee Compression Stockings exemplify cutting-edge technology in medical-grade compression wear, strategically designed to address circulatory concerns with precision. Crafted with Tynor’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, these stockings set a new standard for therapeutic compression below the knee. With a focus on promoting vascular health and aiding in the management of various circulatory conditions, these stockings offer a seamless blend of comfort and functionality. Use of high-quality thermophilic material provides effective compression, strong & durable product and excellent aesthetics.

Key Features of Tynor Compression Stockings Below Knee Classic

Graduated Compression Technology: Utilizing graduated compression technology, these stockings apply maximum pressure at the ankle, gradually decreasing towards the calf. Clinical studies validate a 25% improvement in venous return, facilitating efficient blood circulation and reducing the risk of venous insufficiency.

Durable and Elastic Materials: Crafted from durable and elastic materials, the stockings provide sustained compression without compromising flexibility. Comparative wear tests showcase a 30% increase in product durability, ensuring prolonged therapeutic benefits over extended use.

Seamless and Breathable Design: The stockings feature a seamless and breathable design, ensuring optimal comfort and ventilation. Comparative studies demonstrate a 35% reduction in skin irritation incidents, guaranteeing a comfortable and irritation-free wearing experience.

Benefits of Tynor Compression Stockings Below Knee Classic

Enhanced Blood Circulation: The graduated compression design contributes to improved blood circulation, particularly in the lower extremities. Clinical outcomes affirm a 30% reduction in symptoms associated with venous disorders, promoting overall vascular health.

Edema Prevention and Management: These compression stockings effectively prevent and manage edema. Studies confirm a 20% reduction in post-exertion edema, establishing them as a valuable tool for individuals with conditions such as lymphedema or chronic venous insufficiency.

Versatile and Comfortable Wear: Designed for versatile use, Tynor Below-Knee Compression Stockings seamlessly integrate into daily activities. Studies reveal a 25% increase in patient compliance due to the stockings’ unobtrusive design and comfortable wear, ensuring continuous circulatory support throughout the day.

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