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3M ECG Electrode


  • Micropore tape backing is conformable for increased patient comfort
  • Solid gel conforms to the skin allowing high quality, uninterrupted traces
  • Provide good performance for up to 30 days afer pouch is opened
  • Round shaped
  • Box of 100
  • Reliable trace
  • High conductivity
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3M ECG Electrode

3M ECG electrode rounds are very crucial for patient monitoring. We have ECG electrode rounds available in different sizes, backing, adhesive strength, and packaging options. 3M ECG Electrode Round are fluid-resistant electrodes that come with a dry gel. The gel is conductive aggressive for excellent adhesion and clear, reliable tracings. The electrodes have lift tabs for easy placement and removal. The electrodes are latex free and are easy to handle. These electrodes are ideal for general purpose monitoring providing cost savings through standardization. The electrodes come in a standard packing of 100 electrodes per box


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