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Flexicare ThermoTrach Tracheostomy Filter


  • Self-sealing Suction Port and Integral Cough Vent
  • Swivel Oxygen Connector
  • Corrugated Paper Media
  • Clear Construction
  • Humidified Oxygen
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Flexicare ThermoTrach Tracheostomy HME Filter

The Flexicare ThermoTrach Tracheostomy Filter is a medical device designed to filter and humidify the air that enters a patient’s tracheostomy tube. Tracheostomy is a surgical procedure that creates an opening in the neck into the trachea (windpipe) to allow air to flow into the lungs, bypassing the nose and mouth.

The ThermoTrach filter is made of a heat and moisture exchanger (HME) material, which helps to maintain the moisture and temperature of the inhaled air. It is designed to be used with patients who have a tracheostomy tube in place for mechanical ventilation or for long-term airway management.

The filter is placed in line with the patient’s tracheostomy tube and the ventilator or other respiratory support device. As the patient breathes in, the filter captures any bacteria or viruses in the air, helping to reduce the risk of infection. It also helps to reduce the amount of secretions that are expelled from the tracheostomy tube during exhalation, reducing the risk of contamination and the need for frequent suctioning.

The ThermoTrach filter is disposable and should be replaced every 24-48 hours, depending on the patient’s needs and the amount of secretions produced. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and to monitor the patient closely for any signs of respiratory distress or other complications.


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