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Hicks Blood Lancets Round, 100 Glucometer Lancets


  • Ultra fine round blood lancets
  • Tri-bevel tip for virtually painless sampling
  • Consistent depth penetration
  • Universal design fits almost all lancing devices
  • These are sterile lancets for blood sampling
  • Quantity: 100 lancets

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Buy Hicks Blood Lancets Round

Blood lancets including round blood lancets, are small medical devices used for puncturing the skin to obtain a small blood sample for various diagnostic tests, such as blood glucose monitoring or blood typing.

Design: Blood lancets are typically small, disposable, and sterile instruments. They consist of a sharp, pointed needle encased in a plastic or metal housing. Round blood lancets have a cylindrical or circular shape.

Skin Puncture: Blood lancets are used to puncture the skin, usually on the fingertip or other appropriate testing sites. The lancet is pressed against the skin, and a quick, controlled motion triggers the release of the needle, creating a small puncture. This allows for the collection of a small droplet of blood for testing purposes.

Safety Features: Many blood lancets come with safety features to help prevent accidental needlesticks and promote safe disposal. Some lancets have a retractable needle that automatically retracts into the housing after use, reducing the risk of injury.

Gauge: Blood lancets come in different gauges, which refers to the thickness or diameter of the needle. Thinner gauge lancets (e.g., 30-gauge) are generally less painful but may produce a smaller blood sample, while thicker gauge lancets (e.g., 28-gauge) may cause slightly more discomfort but yield a larger blood sample.

Single-Use: Blood lancets are intended for single-use only. They should not be reused or shared between individuals to prevent the risk of infection or cross-contamination.

Proper Disposal: After use, blood lancets should be placed in a puncture-resistant sharps container to ensure safe disposal. These containers are specifically designed to prevent accidental needlestick injuries and are typically available at pharmacies or medical supply stores.



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