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Polymed Endotracheal Tube Plain


  • Made of special thermo sensitive material
  • Proximal end fitted with standard 15 mm connector
  • Available in 8 sizes 2FG to 5.5 FG
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Polymed Plain Endotracheal Tube

Polymed Endotracheal Tube Plain is a medical device used to secure and maintain an open airway during mechanical ventilation or anesthesia. It is a flexible tube made of medical-grade material that is inserted through the mouth or nose into the trachea (windpipe) to deliver oxygen to the lungs or remove carbon dioxide from the body.

The “Plain” in the name refers to the absence of any additional features, such as cuffs or suction lumen, which are found in other types of endotracheal tubes. This type of tube is often used in short-term intubation procedures, where the patient does not require long-term mechanical ventilation or frequent suctioning.

Polymed Endotracheal Tube Plain comes in various sizes to fit patients of different ages and sizes, and it is designed to be used with a laryngoscope, a tool used to visualize the airway and guide the insertion of the tube. It is important to follow proper insertion and maintenance procedures to minimize the risk of complications, such as airway injury, infection, or dislodgement of the tube.

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2 FG, 2.5 FG, 3 FG, 3.5 FG, 4 FG, 4.5 FG, 5 FG, 5.5FG


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