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Romsons Kenny 1800 ECG Electrode


Latex free
Hypo-allergic adhesive
Dimensions (HxWxT) : 45 x 42 x 1 mm
Suggested use : Stress/ Resting/ Monitoring
Available in a convenient pack of 100 pieces

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Romsons Kenny 1800 ECG Electrode

Romsons Kenny 1800 ECG Electrode offer stable and reliable ECG traces. Kenny 1800 ECG Electrode are latex free ECG electrodes, which are manufactured by a special online process which keeps the product environmental friendly and fresh. The aggressive adhesive allows for excellent patient adherence and withstands difficult conditions found in emergency conditions. Specially formulated solid gel delivers excellent results with no post procedural clean up. Unique gel allows to provide the best possible interface between patient & the machine.


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