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Romsons Mucus Extractor


  • Ideal for obtaining mucus specimen
  • Transparent container
  • With radiopaque line
  • Trauma free performance
  • Made of medical grade Polypropylene
  • Sterile
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Romsons Mucus Extractor

The Romson Mucus Extractor is specially designed for aspiration of secretions from oropharynx in newly born babies to ensure free respiration. This infant mucus extractor is clear, transparent and has a low friction surface. Clear transparent container permits immediate visual examination of the aspirate collected. Low friction surface of catheter is provided with open end silk smooth round tip, for trauma free insertion and suction. Spare plug cap is provided to seal the container for safe transportation of specimen to laboratory or for aseptic disposal of container. Specially designed for aspiration of secretions from oropharynx in newly born babies to ensure free respiration.


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