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Viggo IV Cannula With Catheter

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  • Specially designed for continuous peripheral intravenous infusion.
  • Kink-resistant FEP-Teflon cannula has extremely smooth inner and outer surfaces to ensure easy venipuncture with minimum trauma.
  • The gently tapered catheter tip aligns with the needle bevel to provide a smooth transition from needle to catheter ensuring smooth and less traumatic cannulation.
  • Super sharp Japanese stainless steel needle with ultra sharp triple facet bevel needle for smooth and painless venipuncture.
  • Transparent flashback chamber for immediate confirmation of venipuncture.
  • Color-coded for easy size identification.
  • Sterile individually blister-packed
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Viggo IV Cannula With Catheter

Viggoflon (Viggo) is a latex-free IV Cannula, sterilized by ethylene oxide gas. It is specially designed for continuous peripheral intravenous infusion. Viggoflon (Viggo) IV Cannula is intended for infusion of Intravenous solution to maintain hydration and/or correct dehydration if the patient is unable to take sufficient volume of oral fluid and also for intermittent intravenous drug administration.

IV cannulas with catheters are available in various sizes, ranging from pediatric sizes for infants and children to adult sizes for adult patients. The appropriate size and gauge of the cannula depend on the patient’s vein size, the type of therapy or infusion, and the flow rate requirements.

It’s important to note that proper insertion technique, adherence to sterile procedures, and regular monitoring of the IV site are crucial to ensure patient safety and prevent complications.

For specific information about a particular brand or model of IV cannula with catheter, including detailed specifications and instructions, it’s best to consult with a healthcare professional or refer to the manufacturer’s documentation.

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