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Romsons Endotracheal Tube Plain


  • Sterile individually packed in peelable blister pack
  • Nasoral tip suitable for nasal/ oral intubation
  • Kink resistant and transparent material
  • Murphy eye with smooth edges
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Romsons Endotracheal Tube Plain

Romsons Endotracheal Tube Plain is a medical device used in the management of patients who require mechanical ventilation. It is a flexible tube that is inserted into the trachea through the mouth or nose, and it is connected to a ventilator machine to assist the patient’s breathing. The endotracheal tube is made of medical-grade PVC material, which is non-toxic and latex-free. It is available in various sizes, depending on the patient’s age and size, and it has markings on its surface to indicate its length and positioning.

The plain endotracheal tube does not have any additional features, such as a cuff or a suction lumen. This type of tube is generally used for short-term ventilation, such as during surgery or in the emergency room. Inserting an endotracheal tube requires specialized training and experience to ensure that it is properly placed and secured. It is also important to monitor the patient closely while they are on mechanical ventilation to prevent complications such as aspiration or airway trauma.

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