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Romsons Romo 10 Urine Bag


  • Efficient non-return valve with top outlet.
  • The urine bag is meant for short or long term urine drainage
  • Sterile bag
  • Non-toxic
  • Capacity 2000ml
  • Individually packed in ribbon pack
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Romo 10 Urine Bag

The Romsons Romo 10 Urine Urobag has a capacity of 2 litre and is provided with a 100 cm long super smooth kink resistant tubing to ensure unrestricted flow. Modified tapered connector facilitates aseptic catheterurine bag connection. The urine collection bag is equipped with an efficient non-return valve with top outlet. Large bore kink resistant extra soft tube is easy to milk and ensures unrestricted flow. All other features are as above. Moulded handle facilitates easy handling of bag and holds the tube in upright position to prevent kinking.


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