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Romsons HME Filter


  • Sterile, single use device
  • Individually packed
  • The filters help protect the patient
  • Enhances particle capture efficiency
  • Gives a low and stable breathing resistance
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Romsons HME/BVF Filter

Romsons HME filter refers to a type of Heat and Moisture Exchange filter used in medical settings to provide humidification and filtration of inhaled air during mechanical ventilation. HME filters are used in patients who require intubation and mechanical ventilation to breathe.

The Romsons HME filter is a brand of HME filter that is designed to help patients breathe more comfortably during mechanical ventilation. It works by capturing and retaining the patient’s exhaled heat and moisture, and then releasing it during the inhalation phase, creating a humidified and warmed environment for the patient to breathe in.

The use of HME filters has been shown to have several benefits, including reducing the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia and improving the patient’s overall comfort during mechanical ventilation. The Romsons HME filter is designed to be easy to use, with a simple connection to the ventilator circuit.

It is important to note that HME filters should be changed regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper functioning and to minimize the risk of infection. Healthcare professionals should always follow proper infection control measures when handling and using HME filters.


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