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ZigZag Cotton Wool


  • Zig Zag Absorbent Cotton Extra White Cotton
  • Packing Size: 500 Gram
  • 100 % Cotton
  • High Absorbency Quality
  • Used in: Orthopedic Surgeries, Baby Care, First Aid & Cosmetics
  • Natural White Color
  • Soft, Smooth, and Hygienic
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Surgical ZigZag Cotton Wool

ZigZag Cotton Wool is made from superior quality 100% cotton, these possess high absorbency quality. To prevent rashes, this zig-zag cotton works well for delicate skin and is a great option. Zig Zag Absorbent Cotton Wool can be used for a variety of purposes, including wound care, dressing changes, and general cleaning and swabbing. It is also commonly used in maternity care for cleaning and drying newborns, and in beauty and personal care for makeup removal and other applications.

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100GM, 400GM, 500GM


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