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Ortho Cast Padding Soft Roll


  • The soft natural material creates comfortable undercast surface for casting materials
  • Prevents skin maceration
  • There are less chances of pressures sores occurring in your body
  • The padding allows normal breathing of the skin
  • Absorbs exudates and sweat
  • High-quality material
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Orthopedic Cast Padding Soft Roll

Orthopedic cast padding is a soft, cushioning material used to line the inside of a cast, providing padding between the skin and the hard outer shell of the cast. The padding helps to distribute pressure evenly, reducing the risk of pressure sores and skin irritation.

Orthopedic cast padding is usually made from cotton or synthetic materials such as polyester. It comes in the form of a soft roll that can be cut to the desired length. The padding is typically wrapped around the affected limb or body part before the cast is applied.

The thickness and type of padding used may vary depending on the individual’s needs and the type of injury or condition being treated. Thicker padding may be used for larger casts or areas of the body that are more prone to pressure sores.

Overall, the use of orthopedic cast padding is an important part of the casting process, helping to provide comfort and support during the healing process.

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10CM x 3Mtr, 15CM x 3Mtr


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