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3m Tegaderm 8591IN 9cm x 25cm


  • Transparent dressing allows for wound monitoring without changing the dressing
  • Clear design takes the guesswork out of application over the wound
  • Novel acrylic polymer pad technology designed to handle low to moderate wound drainage
  • No dressing breakdown in the wound
  • Low friction surface minimizes potential for friction and shear
  • Allows for gentle removal from skin
  • Bacterial and Viral barrier to prevent surgical site infections
  • Hypo-allergenic and latex-free sterile design for safe usage
  • High-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive for gentle yet firm bonding
  • Waterproof barrier which allows patients to bathe or shower without removing dressing
  • Conformable to adjust to natural shape of skin
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3m Tegaderm 8591IN 9cm x 25cm

The 3M 9 cm Tegaderm HP Transparent Dressing Pad 8591IN is a high-performance dressing pad that is designed to provide superior protection and comfort for wounds. This pack of 25 dressing pads is perfect for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and individuals who need to manage wounds at home.

The Tegaderm HP Transparent Dressing Pad is made from a thin, transparent film that is breathable and waterproof. This allows the wound to breathe while keeping it protected from water, dirt, and other contaminants. The dressing pad is also designed to be highly conformable, which means it can be easily applied to any part of the body, including joints and other areas that are difficult to dress.

One of the key features of the Tegaderm HP Transparent Dressing Pad is its high-performance adhesive. The adhesive is designed to be gentle on the skin, yet strong enough to keep the dressing pad in place for up to seven days. This means that the dressing pad can be left in place for longer periods of time, reducing the need for frequent dressing changes and minimizing the risk of infection.

The Tegaderm HP Transparent Dressing Pad is also designed to be highly absorbent. The pad is able to absorb large amounts of fluid, which helps to keep the wound clean and dry. This is particularly important for wounds that are prone to exudate, such as surgical wounds, burns, and ulcers.

Specifications of 3m Tegaderm 8591IN 9cm x 25cm

  • Ideal for covering post-surgical and draining wounds, abrasions, lacerations, devices and use as secondary dressing over alginates and hydrogels and more
  • Breathable film allows skin to function normally with good exchange of moisture vapor and oxygen
  • Unique, absorbent, non-adherent pad won`t stick to the wound, allowing moist wound healing with less pain and trauma


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