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Surgiwear G Dress Comfy 25 (Pack of 10)

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  • Sterilized Adhesive Bandage 25cm X 10.5cm
  • Water repellent to protect the wound from moisture
  • Stretchable and has skin-friendly acrylic adhesive
  • It is made of wide apertured nonwoven material
  • It is covered with a non-stick lining
  • Comfortable and light on the skin

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Surgiwear G Dress Comfy 25

Surgiwear G-Dress Comfy 25 Sterilized Adhesive Bandage, your go-to solution for minor cuts, scrapes, and wounds. Our bandages are designed with your comfort and safety in mind. Each bandage is individually sterilized to ensure cleanliness and protection. The soft, flexible fabric conforms to your skin, allowing you to move freely without discomfort. You’ll barely notice it’s there. The gentle adhesive ensures that the bandage stays in place, so you can go about your day with confidence, knowing your wound is protected.

Key Specifications and Features of Surgiwear G Dress Comfy 25

The G-Dress Swimproof Bandage is made of wide apertured nonwoven material

It protects wounds from developing any bacterial infection and aids in keeping them intact

It is made from non-woven fabric that prevents any moisture from passing through it

The wound pad is covered with non-stick lining that will prevent sticking of the pad to the wound

It is slightly stretchable in both directions and is coated with skin-friendly acrylic adhesive

Suitable for knee and elbow wounds or post-OP dressing on stitches

The size of the bandage is 20×10.5 cm and the pad size is 20×4 cm

The feel is soft and comfortable due to its light stretchability


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