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Friends Adult Diapers Large


  • The Friends Adult Pullup Diapers are easily pulled up and down and can be worn as regular underwear
  • These adult diapers have a stretch waistband and tear away sides that facilitate easy removal
  • The blue elastics on the waist band indicate the front side of the diaper
  • These diapers have an Absorb-Lock core and enhanced odour control
  • The adult diaper offer up to 8 hours of protection with high absorbency levels
  • These adult diapers have a unisex design
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Friends Adult Diapers Large

Friends Adult Diapers Large are disposable incontinence products designed for individuals who have difficulty controlling their bladder and bowel movements. These diapers come in large size and are intended to provide maximum absorbency and protection for the wearer.

Friends Adult Diapers Large is a type of adult diaper that is designed to offer up to 8 hours of protection against leakage, moisture, and odour. Available in tape style and pull-up versions, it comes in different sizes with different waist size ranges. The adult diaper is highly absorbent, thanks to the presence of an anti-bacterial super absorbent gel core that quickly locks fluid away. It is suitable for adults with weak bladder issues who want to lead an active lifestyle while maintaining their dignity and comfort.

Key Benefits of Friends Adult Diapers Large:

  • Friends Easy Adult Diaper Medium provides up to 8 hours of protection against leakage, ensuring that individuals with weak bladder issues can go about their day without worry
  • The adult diaper is formulated to help control and minimize odour, leaving the wearer feeling clean and fresh
  • Friends Easy Adult Diaper Medium features an anti-bacterial super absorbent gel core that quickly locks fluid away, helping to keep the wearer dry and comfortable
  • The diaper is designed to offer a comfortable fit for various body types, making it suitable for a wide range of individuals

Good to know:
Friends tape-style adult diapers are specially designed for Indian body type and come with refastenable tapes for a comfortable fit

Suitable For:

Absorption Capacity:
Super absorbent anti-bacterial core ensures faster absorption and prevents rashes and infection

Directions for Use:

  • Open the diaper and position it on the back. Raise the lower panel of the diaper between the legs
  • Fasten the lower and then the upper tapes


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