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Portex Endotracheal Tube Cuffed


  • Blue radio-opaque line
  • Low pressure high volume cuff
  • Clear tubing
  • Printed pilot balloon
  • Smooth Murphy Eye
  • Tube positioning within patient can be verified
  • Misting can be clearly seen to confirm intubation
  • Size can be identified when ET tube is in situ
  • Minimises the risk of trauma
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Portex Endotracheal Tube Cuffed

The Portex Endotracheal Tube Cuffed is a medical device used to secure an airway in patients who require mechanical ventilation. The endotracheal tube is a flexible, hollow tube that is inserted through the mouth or nose and into the trachea (windpipe) to deliver oxygen and other gases directly to the lungs.

The cuffed version of the Portex Endotracheal Tube has an inflatable cuff that seals the tube against the walls of the trachea to prevent air leaks and aspiration. The cuff can be inflated and deflated as needed to adjust the pressure against the tracheal walls.

The Portex Endotracheal Tube Cuffed is available in various sizes to fit different patients, and it has a beveled tip that allows for smooth insertion and reduces the risk of tissue trauma. The tube also has a connector that allows it to be attached to a ventilator or other respiratory equipment.

Overall, the Portex Endotracheal Tube Cuffed is a widely used and effective medical device that helps maintain an airway and provides life-sustaining respiratory support for critically ill patients.

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5 MM, 5.5 MM, 6 MM, 6.5 MM, 7 MM, 7.5 MM, 8 MM, 8.5 MM, 9 MM, 9.5 MM


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