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BD Neoflon Pro IV Cannula


Specially designed to access small and fragile vessels
Protects against unwanted needlesticks injury
Suitable for all insertion techniques
Made using proprietary BD Vialon™ biomaterial

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Accessing small and fragile vessels is challenging. Having to worry if the catheter will have to be removed prematurely, and if you are protected should not add to the challenge. That is where the BD Neoflon™ Pro IV Cannula can help.

Based on the BD Instaflash™ needle technology and using proprietary BD Vialon™ biomaterial, BD Neoflon™ Pro IV Cannula is designed to access smaller, more fragile vessels with care and precision; all that while protecting clinicians against the trauma of unwanted needlestick injury.

BD Neoflon Pro IV Cannula is an ergonomically designed cannulation device that helps precisely access smaller and fragile vessels. It has a passive needle shield technology that automatically covers the needle after cannulation.

Uses: It is a needle with BD Instaflash technology that provides immediate visual feedback of successful vessel entry.

Product Specifications and Features:

Made using BD Vialon™ biomaterial, which softens up to 70% once in the vein
BD Vialon™ reduces the risk of mechanical phlebitis by 50%
It has an anti-rotation tab that enhances cannulation control
Protects against needlesticks injuries
It has a longer dwell time
Directions For Use:

Use as directed on the label
Safety Information:

Read the label carefully before use
Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
Keep out of reach of children

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