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Nipro IV Set


  • Great for short-term IV infusion
  • Easy to Use
  • Good for injection and aspiration of fluids from vials
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Nipro IV SetNipro IV sets are medical devices used in intravenous (IV) therapy to administer fluids, medications, or nutrition directly into a patient’s bloodstream. They consist of a tubing system with various components such as a needle, a drip chamber, a control valve, and a fluid bag. The Nipro brand is known for producing high-quality, reliable IV sets for use in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Nipro IV Set. Winged needles are great for short-term IV infusion or in difficult venipunctures. These syringes are used for general purpose injection and aspiration of fluids from vials, ampoules, and parts of the body below the surface of the skin.


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