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Polymed Photofusion IV Set – DEHP Free


  • Protects light-sensitive drugs from UV exposure
  • UV resistant tubing minimizes decomposition of the active ingredients of various drugs
  • Hydrophobic priming filter cap to prevent fluid leakage
  • The Polymed Photofusion DEHP Free IV Set is meant for Photosensitive drugs
  • The length of the tube is 150 cms
  • The inner diameter of the tube is 3.0 mm and the outer diameter of the tube is 4.1 mm
  • Latex free
  • DEHP free

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The Polymed Photofusion Infusion Set is a cutting-edge consumable and disposable product designed with precision to meet the exacting standards of medical professionals. Crafted with the latest advancements in materials and technology, this infusion set ensures optimal performance in diverse medical scenarios. Its design is rooted in meticulous engineering, incorporating insights from leading medical research.

Key Features of Polymed Photofusion IV Set

Photofusion Technology: The infusion set integrates advanced Photofusion technology, enhancing its compatibility with a wide range of medications. This technology ensures consistent and accurate drug delivery, minimizing the risk of dosage errors.

Micro-Drip Precision: Engineered with micro-drip precision, this infusion set enables controlled and gradual medication administration. Medical practitioners benefit from enhanced accuracy in dosage management, particularly crucial in critical care settings.

Biocompatible Materials: The infusion set is constructed from biocompatible materials, prioritizing patient safety. Rigorous testing confirms its compliance with industry standards, offering doctors peace of mind regarding patient well-being.

Optimized Flow Dynamics: Polymed has invested in optimizing the flow dynamics of the infusion set, reducing the likelihood of occlusions and ensuring a consistent and reliable flow of medication. This feature is particularly beneficial in extended infusion therapies.

Benefits of Polymed Photofusion IV Infusion Set

Clinical Precision: Doctors can rely on the Polymed Photofusion Infusion Set for precise medication administration, promoting therapeutic efficacy and minimizing the risk of adverse effects.

Patient Safety: The infusion set’s use of biocompatible materials aligns with the highest safety standards, safeguarding patients against potential allergic reactions or complications.

Workflow Efficiency: With micro-drip precision and optimized flow dynamics, medical professionals experience improved workflow efficiency, particularly in scenarios requiring meticulous dosage control.

Versatility: The Photofusion Infusion Set’s compatibility with various medications makes it a versatile choice for a range of medical applications, supporting doctors in diverse clinical settings.


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