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Romsons Scalp Vein Set


  • Thin wall needle provides better flow rate
  • Colour Coded
  • With wings
  • Size: 20 FG to 24 FG
  • Sterile
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Romsons Scalp Vein Set

The scalp vein set comes with butterfly-shaped wings which facilitates easy handling and attachment of the vein set with the skin. The Romsons Scalp Vein Set with Wings has a short beveled siliconized needle that facilitates atraumatic cannulation. It is equipped with a thin wall needle that provides a better flow rate per gauge.

  • Butterfly shaped wings facilitates easy handling and attachment with the skin.
  • Butterflies are colour coded for instant identification of needle size.
  • The proximal end of the set is provided with flexible female luer fitting.
  • Butterfly connected to soft non-toxic, nonirritant tube which does not kink or coil.
  • Short beveled siliconised needle facilitates atraumatic cannulation.

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