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Adlisc Hydrogel Electrodes


  • ECG Electrode Electrotherapy
  • Designed For: Use in Emergency, ICU/CCU, Surgery, EMS
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Adlisc Hydrogel Electrodes

  • HYDROGEL – Hydrogel has excellent conductivity and adhesion to detect tiny current between skin and electrode,
  • SENSOR – Sensor is plated A.B.S with Ag/Agcl. So it reduces noise by impact and has excellent conductivity. It can transmit the electrical signal at the body surface,
  • SNAP – Snap has excellent conductivity to be composed carbon and stainless steel. It is connected to lead wire,
  • PAD – Raw materials of pad is a PE foam, cloth, clear Tape and micropore. So it is attached suitably on skin because of large flexibility,
  • LINER – Liner is specially coated with silicon which helps peal off


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