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Pricon 5ml Syringe


  • Pricon 5ml Syringe pack of 100
  • Application: Syringe with Hypodermic Needle
  • Needle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Needle Point Style: Beveled Tip
  • Needle Style: Detachable
  • Wall Type: Regular Wall
  • Syringe Material: Plastic
  • Safety Feature: Without Safety
  • Syringe Connection: Luer Slip
  • Disposable
  • Sterile

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Pricon 5ml is constructed of nontoxic, medical-grade polypropylene that is medication-compatible.Do not reuse and re-sterilize.Pricon syringes and needles are made from cold-rolled stainless steel strips of the highest grade. The Pricon Disposable Syringe with Needle, packaged in a 5ml blister pack, is an indispensable tool for medical professionals. Crafted for single-use applications, this syringe guarantees accurate dosage delivery and optimal safety in clinical environments.

Key Features of Pricon 5ml Syringe:

Generous 5ml capacity is suitable for various medical procedures and applications.
Each syringe is individually packaged in a blister pack, maintaining sterility and facilitating easy handling.
Precision-engineered needle ensures sharp and smooth injections, minimizing patient discomfort.
A clear barrel with prominent scale markings enables precise and effortless dosage measurement.
Equipped with a Luer lock or Luer slip connection for compatibility with a wide array of medical devices.
Constructed with latex-free materials to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and ensure patient safety.

Provides sterile and secure medication administration, lowering the risk of contamination and infection.
Clearly, marked scale allows for accurate dosage measurement, reducing the likelihood of medication errors.
Single-use design eliminates the need for sterilization, saving time and resources in medical settings.
Versatile compatibility with various medical devices enhances convenience for healthcare practitioners.
Latex-free construction ensures patient safety and minimizes the risk of adverse reactions.


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