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Nipro Shinrai 3ml 24G


  • Capacity : 3 ml
  • Usage/Application : Hospitals & Labs
  • Brand : Nipro
  • Gauge : 24 G
  • Sterilization : Gamma
  • Barrel : Polypropylene
  • Plunger : Polypropylene
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Nipro Shinrai 3ml 24G

The Nipro Shinrai 3ml 24G is likely a type of medical syringe. The “3ml” refers to the capacity of the syringe and the “24G” refers to the size of the needle, which is 24 gauge. Medical syringes are used for a variety of purposes, including administering medications, fluids, and vaccines, as well as for withdrawing fluids for testing. The specific features and benefits of the Nipro Shinrai 3ml 24G would depend on the manufacturer’s design and product specifications.

Nipro Shinrai 3ml High-grade material provides a smooth and transparent performance. Nipro Shinrai 3ml 24G is a pioneer in the development of hypodermic needles and syringes. During surgeries and aftercare, these needles and syringes aid medical personnel and doctors.


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