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Romsons Toomey Syringe With Catheter Mount


  • Syringe Capacity 60 ML
  • Specially designed syringe suitable for TURP procedure and Bladder Irrigation compatible with-Storz, Wolf, Cystoscope & Resectoscope.
  • Tapered nozal for safe and easy connection to universal funnel shape connector.
  • Suitable for feeding and irrigation purpose.
  • Thermoplastic elastomer gasket is inert hence provides minimum friction during movement and prevents leakage & back flow.
  • Prominent graduation ensures dosage accuracy.
  • Made of Non-Toxic, Non-irritant Medical Grade pasties.
  • Individually packed in a peelable pouch pack.
  • Sterile, ready for use.

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Toomey Design for Versatility: The Toomey syringe design is characterized by its versatility, allowing healthcare providers to execute various medical procedures with finesse. This syringe is specifically crafted for applications where controlled aspiration and injection are paramount, ensuring optimal outcomes in diverse clinical scenarios.

Catheter Mount Integration: The inclusion of a catheter mount enhances the syringe’s utility in catheterization procedures. This integrated component provides a secure and airtight connection between the syringe and the catheter, minimizing the risk of leaks and ensuring the precise transfer of medications or fluids.

60ml Capacity for Varied Applications: With a generous 60ml capacity, this syringe caters to a wide range of medical applications. Its size makes it particularly suitable for procedures that involve larger volumes of medications or fluids, offering flexibility to healthcare professionals across different specialties.

Graduated Barrel for Accurate Measurements: The syringe barrel features clear and well-defined graduation marks, allowing for precise measurement and dosage calculation. This feature is critical for healthcare practitioners who rely on accurate medication volumes in order to adhere to specific treatment protocols and patient needs.


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