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Kaltex Sterile Surgical Gloves


  • Hygenic and dust free
  • With ISI Marka
  • Natural Latex
  • All Size Available
  • Pre-powdered
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Kaltex Sterile Surgical Gloves

Kaltex surgical gloves are a brand of disposable gloves used in medical procedures to prevent the spread of infection and to protect the wearer from harmful substances. They are made of latex or a latex-free material and are designed to provide a good fit and excellent sensitivity for surgical procedures. Surgical gloves are an essential piece of personal protective equipment used in the operating room and other medical settings to protect both the patient and the healthcare worker.

Kaltex sterile gloves are a special quality and natural rubber latex gloves. Pre-powdered with bio-absorbable cornstarch to prevent wound infections and granulomas. Sterile gloves can be used as a medical device and as personal protective equipment. Sterile gloves are mainly used in surgery to prevent cross-contamination and for medication.

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