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Polymed Endotracheal Tube Cuffed


  • Proximal end fitted with standard 15 mm connector
  • Size: 5 to 10 mm
  • Type: Cuffed
  • Thermo sensitive
  • Fitted with 15mm connector
  • Radiopaque line on the tube to facilitate easy location of tube
  • Murphy eye at distal end for atraumatic intubation and extubation
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Polymed Endotracheal Tube Cuffed

The Polymed Endotracheal Tube Cuffed is a type of airway management device used in medical procedures, particularly in the field of anesthesia. It is a cuffed endotracheal tube, which means it has an inflatable cuff around its distal end to create a secure seal with the trachea, preventing air or secretions from leaking around the tube. The Polymed brand is known for producing high-quality, durable, and reliable endotracheal tubes.

The Polymed Endotracheal Tube is provided with soft cuff based on high volume and low pressure at the distal end. This cuffed endotracheal tube is equipped with a nonreturn valve with a pilot cuff for easy assessment of the pressure in the main cuff. The endotracheal tube also has a Murphy eye at the distal end for atraumatic intubation and extubation. These endotracheal tubes are made of special thermosensitive material readily conforming to body curvatures at body temperature. The proximal end of this cuffed endotracheal tube is fitted with 15 mm connector. The endotracheal tube is provided with a radio-opaque line on the tube to facilitate easy location of the tube.

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