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Romsons Thoracic Trocar Catheter


  • Blunt yet smooth tip.
  • Flat handle facilitates easy manoeuvrability.
  • Large, smooth drainage eyes for efficient drainage.
  • Markings provided at 5, 10 ,15 & 20 cm from the distal tip help ascertain depth of penetration.
  • Proximal end is fitted with tapered connector for easy connection to drainage bottle.
  • Sterile, individually double packed in peelable pouch.
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Romsons Thoracic Trocar Catheter

The Romsons Thoracic Trocar Catheter is a medical device used in thoracic surgeries for drainage of fluid or air from the pleural cavity. It is designed to provide a safe and effective means for removing fluid or air that may accumulate in the chest due to conditions such as pleural effusion, pneumothorax, or hemothorax.

Here are some features and specifications of the Romsons Thoracic Trocar Catheter:

Design: The catheter has a trocar tip, which helps to make a small incision in the chest wall for easy insertion. The catheter is also designed with multiple side holes to allow for efficient drainage of fluid or air.

Material: The catheter is made of medical-grade silicone, which is biocompatible and safe for use in the body. It is also soft and flexible, which helps to minimize discomfort for the patient.

Size: The Romsons Thoracic Trocar Catheter comes in different sizes, ranging from 8 French to 36 French, to accommodate various patient needs.

Sterilization: The catheter is sterilized using ethylene oxide, which helps to prevent the spread of infection.

Compatibility: The Romsons Thoracic Trocar Catheter is compatible with standard drainage systems and can be used with both manual and automatic suction devices.

Packaging: The catheter is individually packed and provided with a trocar for easy insertion.

It is important to note that healthcare professionals should always follow proper infection control measures when handling and using medical devices, including the Romsons Thoracic Trocar Catheter. They should also refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for use and ensure proper training and competency for their use.


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