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Polymed Novofeed Infant Feeding Tube

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  • Graduation marking after every cm
  •  Closed distal end with two lateral eyes
  •  Soft, frosted & kink resistant PVC tubing with radio-opaque line
  •  Length : 40, 50 & 100 cm
  •  Sizes : 4 FG to 10 FG
  •  DEHP Free
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Polymed Novofeed Infant Feeding Tube

Polymed Infant Feeding Tube is marked at every centimetre from the tip starting from 5cm to 40cm for an accurate placement. The distal end is coned with two lateral eyes, A proximal end is provided with female luer mount for easy connection to feeding funnel or syringe. Low friction, frozen surface facilitates atraumatic intubation. It is provided with a radio-opaque line throughout the length to facilitate the accurate location. The tube is manufactured from non toxic PVC, non irritant to delicate mucosa. The tube is sterile, straight packed in peelable soft blister pack. The tube is available in the sizes of 05FG, 06FG, 08FG, 10FG

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10FG, 4 FG, 5 FG, 6 FG, 7 FG, 8FG, 9 FG


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