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Urine Pot For Male and Female

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  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use with side grips for lifting
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Plastic Material
  • Capacity: 1000 ml

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Urine Pot Male and Female

A urine pot, also known as a urine collection container, is a medical device used to collect urine from patients for diagnostic testing or to monitor urine output. There are different types of urine pots available in the market, including those designed specifically for male and female patients.

A male urine pot is designed with a wider opening and a longer spout, which makes it easier for men to use. The spout is angled to allow for a comfortable and accurate urine flow. The male urine pot may also have a handle for easy carrying and a secure lid to prevent leakage.

A female urine pot, on the other hand, is designed with a smaller opening and a shorter spout, which is better suited for female anatomy. The female urine pot may also have a contoured shape for a more comfortable fit and a flat base to prevent tipping over. The female urine pot may also come with a secure lid to prevent leakage and ensure hygiene.

It is important to note that urine pots should be made of durable and leak-proof materials, such as plastic or glass, and should be disposable or sterilizable to prevent the spread of infection. Healthcare professionals should always follow proper infection control measures when handling and disposing of urine pots.


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