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Polymed Twin Bore Nasal Oxygen Cannula


  • Polymed Nasocath Twin Bore Nasal Oxygen Cannula
  • Tube length: 200cm
  •  Sizes Available: Adult, Paediatric & Neonatal
  • Suitable for easy and efficient administration of oxygen
  • Star lumen-resistant main tube to avoid accidental blockage
  • Soft twin prong nasal tips ensure equal distribution of oxygen through both air passages which provides maximum patient comfort
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The Polymed Nasocath Twin Bore Nasal Oxygen Cannula 20023 sets the standard for disposable medical consumables, addressing the critical need for precise oxygen delivery in medical settings. This innovative cannula is meticulously designed to enhance patient comfort and streamline oxygen administration protocols.

Features and Benefits of Polymed Twin Bore Nasal Oxygen Cannula:

Optimized Dual-Bore Design: The Nasocath Twin Bore Cannula features a dual-bore design, meticulously engineered to deliver a balanced and consistent flow of oxygen. This design ensures optimal oxygen saturation levels, critical for patients requiring respiratory support.

Patient-Centric Comfort: Crafted with patient comfort in mind, this cannula incorporates soft, medical-grade materials to minimize irritation and pressure points. The ergonomic design enhances patient compliance, facilitating extended use without discomfort.

Enhanced Oxygen Diffusion: Leveraging advanced diffusion technology, the Nasocath Cannula maximizes oxygen dispersion for efficient respiratory therapy. Quantitative indicators, including oxygen saturation levels and diffusion rates, underscore its superior performance in clinical settings.

Secure and Adjustable Fit: The adjustable fit ensures a secure and customized placement for diverse patient anatomies. The cannula’s secure positioning reduces the risk of displacement, offering healthcare professionals peace of mind during oxygen therapy sessions.

Clinical Versatility: Designed for versatility, the Nasocath Cannula seamlessly integrates with various oxygen delivery systems and devices. Its compatibility with standard medical equipment enhances its utility across a spectrum of healthcare scenarios.

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Adult, Pediatric


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