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Romsons Vaccu Suck Yankaur Suction Set

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  • Tube Length 2.5 m
  • Diameter 9.00 mm
  • Size: 27FG
  • Available in Standard and Crown tips

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Romsons Vaccu Suck Yankaur Suction Set

Moulded Yankaur suction handle with flexible kink resistant tube provides unobstructed suction during prolonged use. Suction handle with crown tip useful for suction of delicate tissues in low pressure/suction surgery. Romsons Vaccu Suck Yankaur Suction Set is a medical device used for suction of bodily fluids and secretions, such as mucus, blood, or vomit. It is commonly used in hospitals and clinics for patient care and is designed for efficient and effective suction. The Yankauer suction tip is attached to a vacuum source, which generates negative pressure to remove the fluid from the patient’s airway.


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