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Tynor Weight Cuff


  • The aerodynamic shape ensures good grip and better aesthetics
  • It is made from strong spandex fabric for durability
  • It enhanced comfort and pleasing aesthetics
  • It is used for hand and wrist braces
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Tynor Weight Cuff is great to use for more progressive rehabilitation which includes training and strengthening of muscles. A greater range of movement can be achieved during exercise because the weight cuff will not slip or slide off during even the most strenuous programs.

Uses of Tynor Weight Cuff

Ideal use for general physiotherapy and rehabilitation used for wrist and ankle exercise.

Features of Tynor Weight Cuff

Filled with low friction smooth steel balls for a soft feel, and easy wearing and to make the product accident-free
High density of steel balls ensures a small volume of the product and convenience of use
Reverse buckle mechanism ensures secure tightening
Easy application and removal of the cuff and flexible sizing

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