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Romsons Romo Jet Syringe With Needle 10ml


  • Manufactured from medical grade virgin polypropylene.
  • Prominent graduation ensures dosage accuracy and avoids wastage of valuable medicine.
  • Clear transparent chamber.
  • Thermoplastic elastomer gasket is inert hence provides minimum friction during movement and prevents leakage & back flow.
  • Sharp triple facetted beveled tip needle for minimum trauma during penetration.
  • Ribbon packed in tough laminated film, highly resistant to puncture and tearing.
  • Sterile and individually packed.

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Buy Romsons Romo Jet Syringe With Needle 10ml

Introducing the Romsons Romo Jet Syringe With Needle, an exemplary medical tool meticulously crafted from medical-grade virgin polypropylene. This consumable product stands out for its commitment to precision, efficiency, and patient well-being.

Features and Benefits of Romsons Romo Jet Syringe With Needle 10ml

Medical-Grade Material: Manufactured from medical-grade virgin polypropylene, the syringe ensures optimal biocompatibility and safety, adhering to the highest medical standards.

Dosage Accuracy: Prominent graduation on the syringe guarantees dosage accuracy, minimizing the risk of medication wastage and maximizing the effective administration of valuable medicines.

Clear Transparent Chamber: The syringe features a clear transparent chamber, providing healthcare professionals with clear visibility to monitor and control the medication flow accurately.

Friction-Free Movement: Equipped with a thermoplastic elastomer gasket, the syringe ensures minimal friction during movement. This inert gasket not only prevents leakage but also facilitates smooth and precise medication delivery.

Triple Facetted Beveled Tip Needle: The sharp triple-faceted beveled tip needle minimizes trauma during penetration, ensuring a patient-centric approach with each use


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